August 15, 2018

Technical SEO

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What is Technical SEO?

Search engine algorithms assess hundreds of ‘signals’ when they decide where a website will rank when someone performs an online search – and with such a colossal number of points at play, it’s unsurprising to learn that many of these are deeply technical, ‘behind-the-scenes’ factors.

Whichever kind of digital marketing campaign you’re putting into action, it’s essentially that it’s built on the right foundations – and technical SEO is exactly that; ensuring that your site is free from any potential barriers – and ticks every box that search engines decide makes a high-quality website.

Although the concept of technical SEO might sound like you’re jumping through hoops for Google, Bing and other search engines – it’s important to understand how these companies decide what makes a good webpage; and that’s through user behaviour. The large search engines can see how we browse, what we like, what we don’t – and countless other factors that indicate what makes an outstanding website. Technical SEO makes sure the most important site factors are in place, creating an excellent browsing experience.

Unsurprisingly, technical SEO is a complex area, addressing time-consuming issues, including:

  • How your website is structured and mapped out for search engines to explore
  • The structure of the links – both internally and to other sites
  • Page and website load speeds

…and many, many more! At Summon, we tackle these issues every day; we know what the big search engines want to see – and we’ve got experience making it happen for companies of all sizes.

What are the benefits of working with a Technical SEO Agency in London?

We know that technical SEO forms the foundation that other digital marketing efforts can be built on – but which benefits should you see directly from technical SEO work?

  • Improved search engine rankings

Unsurprisingly, ticking the boxes that search engines look for when they crawl your site means the boxes are also ticked at their end – and, as part of a wider SEO campaign, stand to increase your search engine results page (SERP) position for the terms you’d hoping to rank for.

  • Increased conversions

Since technical SEO is based, at its core, on how people browse and respond to websites – making sure you meet the technical requirements that search engines lay out actually improves the human experience of using your site. When the technical aspects are right, you can expect to see fewer people leaving your site without taking-action after clicking though – and greater numbers of people converting in the way you want them to when they are there.

Technical improvements that result in improved user experience begins an important upward spiral – as search engines recognise the improved user engagements – and continue to rank your page accordingly.

  • Reduced chances of search engine penalties

Google and other large search engines rarely surprise digital marketing agencies with their algorithm changes – instead, they tend to close the loopholes and interesting exploits that can be levered to artificially improve your SERP ranking.

As such, the fundamentals that underpin technical SEO are about as solid a marketing strategy as you’ll possibly find. There are no real tricks here – just proven approaches that work for search engines and people alike. The result? No unexpected tumbles down the SERP when algorithms change.

Our London based Technical SEO services

  • Content audits: We’ll check to make sure your content meets the highest standards and is in line with your overall digital marketing plans. Content should be structured correctly – and written in a natural way that includes the right density of keywords.
  • Backlink analysis: When great sites link to you the benefits are huge – but obviously manipulated, poor quality or malicious links can greatly damage your site’s rank. We’ll make sure your backlink profile follows best practice – and forms a strong foundation for further growth.
  • Multi-device compatibility: There are hundreds – if not thousands of devices that your audience could access your site on. We’ll make sure your site accounts for multiple devices, ensuring search engines find no gaps.
  • Crawl optimisation and internal linking: The programs that search engines use to explore and index your site can be aided by a conventional layout and well-considered internal links that connect relevant pages. We’ll help you get this design exactly right.
  • Site migrations: Large scale changes to a website can represent a dangerous time – and if it’s not done correctly, can result in traffic loss and reduced visibility. We’ll help you technically plan and manage site migrations – and identify areas that can become exciting opportunities for improvement when handled well.
  • Gap analysis: When it comes to technical SEO services, what-you’re-not-doing is an important part of the picture. When we understand which gaps might apply to your site, we can help you put together strategies that will fill them in the most positive way.
  • Server configuration: We’ll look at how your server is configured to make sure no issues have occurred during set-up or are causing on-going performance issues.

Although this list covers a number of our technical SEO services – our full audits include an enormous range of services that leave nothing to chance. If you’re keen to make sure your site is the best it can be, we’d be happy to talk you through everything we can offer.

Our process

When tackling technical SEO projects, we always begin with a detailed audit that explores a vast range of technical fundamentals – as well as a host of on-page and off-page factors that can impact your site’s performance.

We’re always happy to feed this information back so that your in-house team can make the adjustments that may be required – but equally, we’re always happy to help you make the necessary adjustment or performance improvements.

Our audit process is prescriptive and designed to leave no area unexplored. We use a range of specialist programs that help us delve deeper than many other companies may find possible – and the result is an extensive report, detailing everything that’s supporting your digital marketing strategy – and anything that might warrant some improvement.

Why work with Summon for technical SEO?

At Summon, we’re convinced our technical SEO eye for detail is unsurpassed. We’ve been behind the scenes of SEO from the very beginnings of the biggest search engines – and we’ve seen them develop their algorithms into what they are today.

We’ll never just create a technical report and hand it over with no explanation. We know what search engines want to see – and we’ll it all down into easily understood, plain-English explanations that are designed to inform and benefit your company. What’s more – we can explain how the findings of a technical SEO audit can grow into amazing opportunities for your business.