August 14, 2018

Local SEO

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What is local SEO?

When people are asked to think about SEO, they’ll often associate the term with online businesses – companies whose sole aim is to drive potential customers to their website. In reality, SEO has many more ‘real world’ applications. When specialist SEO tactics are used to increase your local exposure, it’s referred to as ‘local SEO’.

A staggering number of people use search engines to find local businesses. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are local – and around 50% of those people are looking for contact details, opening hours, addresses or other business-specific information.

With such significant numbers of people searching for local businesses, it’s probably no surprise to discover nearly 80% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

Local SEO is powerful – and if you’re a local business; it should be high on your list of marketing priorities. While the basics of local SEO are easy to grasp, putting them into action requires answers to some significant question, including:

  • How can you be sure you’re represented in the places local people are using to search?
  • What kind of site content do search engines look for when ranking local businesses?
  • How can you combine local SEO, blogger outreach and link building to maximum effect?

The team at Summon have supported an enormous number of local companies drive business with a number of local SEO fundamentals. Whether you’re looking to bring more local business your way – or if you’d like to capture some of that local appeal for your bigger company, we can help.

The benefits of local SEO?

The statistics may show large numbers of people are using search engines to find local businesses – but what does building some local SEO tactics into your overall marketing campaign actually offer?

  • Trust

Despite the internet being mainstream for over 25 years, there’s still some mistrust that relates to online retailers and service providers – and this mistrust damages conversion rates. When you’re perceived to be a local business, trust increases enormously – and, as result, so do your conversions – both online and offline.

  • Awareness

It’s a factor that’s difficult to quantify, but when your local business is being represented in the right places, awareness grows – and in many cases, you will quickly become the ‘go-to’ resource – simply because your brand is constantly in your audience’s consciousness.

  • Visitors

Whether you’re looking to bolster physical footfall at your premises – or increase traffic through your website, local SEO along with PPC  is an excellent choice. Not only does it put your most important business details in front of the people who are looking for them, it triggers a number of key signals for search engines too – helping you to increase your search engine ranking for a significant number of terms.

  • Reviews

Whether shopping online – or using a local service, virtually everyone values the opinion of other consumers over the highly produced and polished content that a brand or business uses to promote themselves. Local SEO strategies will maximise the impact of real online reviews – and make them work for your company.

Our local SEO services in London

  • Claim what’s yours: We’ll help you claim and maximise your ‘Google My Business’ (GMB) page – to ensure you appear in local searches, maps, Google+ pages and more. While the overwhelming majority of traffic comes from Google – other search engines shouldn’t be ignored, so we’ll make every relevant business listing work for you.
  • Localisation: If you want to be perceived as a local business, your content should talk about your city, county, region or country naturally throughout your site. For some organisations, this means creating individual pages that represent the areas you work in – or getting more digitally involved with the local area.
  • Citations and listings: Citation and listing sites amass the most important data about your business and present for customers to browse through quickly and easily. We’ll help you to create consistent information – and select the very best sites for it to be placed on.
  • Review management: Making reviews and review sites work for you doesn’t have to come down to luck. At Summon, we’ll help you to encourage more great reviews – and then make sure those reviews are seen in the right places.
  • Developing backlinks: Although backlinks are an area of online marketing alone – great local link building will help to establish you as providing an exceptional local business – both to real people, and the all-important search engines that those real people use.

Our process

At Summon, we believe there’s no universal ‘right way’ to make digital marketing work for you – and our local SEO services are no different. This is why we’ll always start with an understanding of you, your business and what you’re hoping to achieve.

We will also perform a local SEO audit and some keyword research – looking at your site, your business listings, social media profiles and much more – making changes and adjustments along the way.

When we’ve established what’s working well for you – and what the competition is doing, we’ll focus on your website – ensuring the important technical basics are in place. Doing so gives you a solid foundation that the rest of our local SEO work can be built upon.

With the essentials in place, we can help you to create the kind of content that identifies your site as being an authority – both in your field – and in your area. We’ll identify a number of opportunities that will help bolster your local SEO campaign – from link opportunities to citation site placements and we’ll monitor every step of the process, making sure you get the very best return for your investment.

Why choose to work with Summon?

We know what customers are looking for when they search for local businesses – and we’ve used this knowledge to help an enormous range of companies increase their local SEO performance. Whether you’re considering local SEO for the first time, or you’ve got an experienced team who could use a little expertise or support, we can help.

At Summon, you’re never just another client; you’ll always be talking to a member of our team who understands you, your goals – and where your campaign is at right now.

What’s more, we’ll provide you with on-going information that’ll help you assess how your local SEO campaign is performing – making sure you’re always up to speed with how your business is moving forward.