August 20, 2018

Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach London

Blogger Outreach Service London

What is Blogger Outreach?

Where do most people go when they’re considering purchasing a product or service? Well, after their research with big brands and retail sites, they turn to ‘influencers’ – high-profile, online individuals or knowledge sources who they trust to give them an unbiased opinion of the product they’re looking for.

The reason is relatively simple: Big brands and retail sites have a team of marketing specialists, photographers and copywriters whose jobs involve making products look at appealing as possible. Increasingly though, this isn’t what consumers want – they want first-hand knowledge about how a product works.

Enter the blogger. It’s easy to think of a blog as a simple online resource that anyone can set up – but when done correctly, an independent blog can be a potent marketing tool that thousands of people turn to for advice every day. They inspire the kind of trust and loyalty the brands can often only ever dream of.

Harnessing the power of bloggers and independent influencers is a beneficial way to put your product or service in front of an audience who’ll be receptive to hearing more about your business, but blogger outreach isn’t as simple as it might sound:

  • How do you contact the right kind of bloggers and influencers?
  • Can you work with them to drive the right type of traffic your way?
  • How should you combine blogger outreach with other marketing strategies to form a powerful overall approach?

At Summon, we have years of experience working directly with bloggers and online influencers – from the small and niche to the huge and all-encompassing. We know how to make blogger outreach work for an enormous range of brands, products and services.

The benefits of blogger outreach

  • Trust

Trust is a concept that’s easy to talk about – but very hard to garner from your potential customers. Often, the more trustworthy you try to be, the more cynical an audience can become.

Blogger outreach ‘hacks’ the customer experience. There’s often no evidence of a link between your company and the blogger you’re working with – so in effect, you’re building trust by allowing an entirely independent customer to broadcast their testimonial to an incredible sized audience.

  • Traffic

The simple fact that you’re affiliated with a particular blogger is enough to drive traffic – either from their site or blog or as a result of marketing we can do that capitalises on the connection. Marketing and sales funnels always begin with this interest – the more traffic you can gather, the higher chance you have of converting those people into becoming paid customers.

  • Awareness

There are some aspects of marketing that are extremely difficult to attribute a ‘return on investment’ (ROI) figure to – but just like PPC and SEO they’re crucial all the same. Awareness is one of these – how can you measure the impact of a colleague mentioning your name in a meeting? Or a family member suggesting your service because ‘they’ve seen you mentioned in email newsletters’? The examples are endless – many of us do not know why we trust or are drawn to particular brands.

Awareness spreads quickly – but you’ve got to be in the right place for people to notice you. Blogger outreach provides these awareness building platforms in abundance.

  • SEO

The major search engines have a large number of ‘signals’ that help their algorithms decide where your site should be placed on a search engine results page (SERP) – and blogger outreach helps you to tick a significant number of these boxes.

Your site is going to be linked to from other, influential sites. As a result, your name and product will be attributed to the right keywords. Your site traffic will grow. People will spend longer on your site – and so on. When the right people are talking about you, the SEO benefits quickly add up…

Our London based blogger outreach services

  • Creating connections: If you’re going to connect with the right kind of bloggers and influencers, you’ve got to know exactly how to approach building the relationship. At Summon, we have existing relationships with a series of high-profile websites, blogs and individuals who we can access immediately – or we can use our expertise to find the kind of influencers who are exactly right for your brand.
  • Establishing the right content: The right kind of bloggers won’t just put their name to anything – they are shrewd business people who make sure they’re only affiliated with products and companies who are worthy of their time. We’ll make you worthy – by helping you develop the very best content in your field; whether that’s the information that supports your products, or the kind of value-driven content that establishes you as an authority in your industry.
  • A technical approach: It’s one thing to build a relationship with a blogger or site – but it’s quite another to understand precisely which kind of sites, links and technical information needs to underpin your marketing approach. At Summon, we combine technical expertise with marketing finesse – to make sure you’re getting the right overall result.

Our process

We’ve delivered incredibly successful blogger outreach campaigns for a range of companies – both large and small. While the specifics of a campaign are particular to each client, they’re built on stable processes, driven foundations that leave nothing to chance.

When you talk to us about blogger outreach, it’s critical that we ask a host of questions that’ll help us understand you, your brand, your products and your current approach to marketing. Blogger outreach works well as a stand-alone service – but it’s incredibly powerful as part of a more extensive campaign – so we’ll be keen to hear what’s working for you elsewhere.

When we have a detailed understanding of you and your business, we’ll create a series of profiles; who are your customers? Which kind of blogs do they use? How do they act online? It’s not just customers we focus on though; from that basis, we’ll find the right blogs and the right influencers – before designing approaches that will establish solid links.

When we report back to you, it’ll always be with tangible results that are measured by key performance indicators relating to your site and your business. We’ll turn the blogger and customer trust into real numbers that work for your company.

Why work with Summon for blogger outreach?

Frankly, we’re very good at connecting with the right kind of bloggers and building content strategies that bring the right type of customers to our clients. We’ve been working with online influencers for numerous years – and we know how to use the opportunities they provide to make a real difference to your business.

Blogger outreach is an art that can take up a lot of time and will frequently return very little if it’s not executed in the right way. With Summon on your side, blogger outreach is likely to become your favourite marketing approach.

We’ll talk to you about blogger outreach in real terms too – we don’t believe in technical marketing talk. Reach approaches, built on wide-ranging experience – delivering excellent results for you.