August 31, 2015


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In the time it takes you to read this, someone’s opened a search engine and looked for the exact product or service you provide. The crucial question is, are they finding YOU

The answer is probably no. The internet’s made the world a smaller place. However, search engines have made your industry infinitely harder to stand out in. SEO is the art of making you stand out in your marketplace; both to search engines and the huge numbers of your potential customers who use them.

  • How does a site reach that important top result when you search on Google?
  • What are your customers actually looking for?
  • What do the top-ranking sites across thousands of industries have in common?

At Summon, we’ve been answering those important questions and perfecting our art for over 12 years. We understand SEO and what’s needed if you want to improve your ranking for your most desired key terms.

The benefits of SEO 

You don’t have dig deep into any modern marketing plan to see mentions of SEO – but what does an improved search engine ranking actually mean to your business, in real terms?

The answers might surprise you:

A better website user experience

Search engines have amassed untold amounts of data about how people use websites. As a result, they know exactly what people like to see and how those people like a site to function; so they prioritise websites that are laid out in these understandable, user-friendly ways.

As a result, a website that meets with search engine approval is almost certainly going to encourage your real traffic to spend more time on your site – and convert in the way that you want. What’s works for SEO works for real people – and what works for real people increases your all-important conversions.

Increased traffic

If a search engine deems your site to be both user-friendly and filled with high-quality content, then it will seek to improve its own user’s experience by sending search traffic in your way.

The search engine will do this by increasing your site visibility when people search for your key terms and phrases. The higher you rank in a search engine results page – the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get – the greater the chance that some of that traffic will subscribe, order, buy, follow or enquire when they’re on your site.

A stronger brand

Marketing studies show an enormous increase in trust between consumers and brands they are familiar with. The more prominent your position on a search engine results page, the more visible your brand becomes.

Traffic doesn’t even have to be clicking; the simple fact that your site, some brief information and your company name feature when people search for certain key terms means awareness will grow. SEO is a vital part of establishing yourself as a trusted brand in your chosen marketplace.

Our London Based SEO Services 

We break our SEO services down into 4 distinct areas. They are:

SEO Consultancy:

SEO action without strategy leads to unpredictable (and often disappointing) results. We can help you to create an SEO strategy that will perform. Summon will work with you and your marketing team to support, guide, complement and advise – and if you don’t have a marketing team, we’re happy to take the reins and help you drive your business to new heights.

Link Building:

Building links with other sites is, at its simplest level, a fairly blunt SEO tool that’s been used and abused. Summon don’t do old-fashioned link building, we support you to create exceptional content, build effective content marketing strategies. Then, conduct the kind of marketing activity that has the right people talking about your site, services and products.

On-Page SEO:

We’ll work with your site on a page-by-page basis, ensuring that the content and background information underpinning each is optimised to reflect the goal of the page. On-page SEO ensures that both search engines and real traffic understand exactly what your page is designed to deliver – and, as a result, increases both usability and visibility.

Technical SEO:

Search engines visit your site using ‘spiders’ – tiny pieces of code that explore your website and index every element – from the content you provide to the way the technical elements interact with one another. When we roll up our sleeves and get technical, we’re ensuring search engines can effectively find, explore and index your pages – resulting in maximum visibility.

Our Process 

You now know a bit about what we do and why we do it – so how does it actually look when we work with you?

We start by understanding where you are right now. That’s a two-fold job – we’ll talk to you about your company, your goals and your current marketing efforts – as well as performing an SEO audit that ascertains exactly what’s working for your site and what you could be doing better.

When we understand where you are – we’ll start to build an understanding of the marketplace you’re hoping to dominate. We’ll create an SEO related picture of the customers you’re hoping to attract. Then, by observing and assessing what your competitors are doing, we’re able to create a strategy that will surpass their efforts.

With this overall game plan in mind, we’ll go behind the scenes and make the technical and on-page adjustments that will create the perfect underpinnings – before creating a content strategy that’ll establish you as a go-to authority in your field.

SEO isn’t usually about quick-wins, it’s about establishing and maintaining the ideal framework that will grow your site visibility in a robust and lasting way. If your immediate goals are also pressing, we can pair our SEO services with paid social, PPC and other more immediate solutions to create a killer overall approach to online marketing.

Why work with us

SEO isn’t mastered by reading guides and following tutorials. It’s a complex area of knowledge that’s honed and constantly developed by being hands-on with the ever-changing industry.

At Summon, we’ve been doing exactly that for over 12 years – putting us at the forefront of SEO. We’ve worked with clients and websites of all shapes and sizes. Our experience means we’re never outmanoeuvred or caught guessing when a new search engine development comes along.

We also believe in plain English. You won’t be bamboozled with technical terms when you talk SEO and online marketing with us. We create clear, measurable and well thought out strategies that make sense – based on your specific goals.

Reasons customers come to Summon Digital for SEO:

  • Assistance with content architecture 
  • Competitive benchmarking using our in-house measurement tool
  • Traffic growth with offsite techniques

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