February 21, 2018

YouTube Ads

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What is YouTube TrueView Advertising?

YouTube is today the second largest search engine as a result of having more than 1 billion users. Since it was founded, we have witnessed more and more consumers turning to YouTube rather than traditional media outlets for their casual media consumption. Also, unlike traditional media you as an advertiser have a greater knowledge of these user’s interests and demographics. This makes YouTube very powerful, so YouTube ads should be considered a very important weapon in your digital media armoury.

When you watch content on YouTube, you’ll often see an ad displayed before or during the content. This is called YouTube TrueView Advertising. TrueView ads are a video advertising skippable format, allowing you to skip the ad after viewing for 5 seconds. As a result, people who have continued to watch can be considered more qualified than those viewing ads on TV (TV Ads are moving towards more targeting through digital on-demand).

YouTube Ads can either be played at the beginning of a video, during a long video or even in the search result and the side-bar. Summon Digital are experienced in managing these ads for clients. TrueView Ads are accessed through the Google Ads platform, where you are likely to be managing your PPC ads already.

The benefits of YouTube TrueView Advertising

Using YouTube ads can deliver a number of benefits for your brand:

It’s a trade-off

YouTube Ads can be a win-win for you as well as for the consumer. This is because viewers are more likely see videos they are interested in as they are targeted based on who they are and what they are interested in. As an advertiser, you can get more views from people who more likely to be interested in your ads.

As well as this, TrueView advertising allows you to choose the price you are willing to pay for the clicks. This allows you target with an additional level of control on how much you are willing to pay to reach them.

Extended reach

YouTube has over 1 billions users, but TrueView ads allow you to reach a larger number of people as the ads can also appear on other publishers sites in the display network. This way you can combine the power of the logged in YouTube data with the further reach of a network beyond YouTube.

Customised video

With TrueView ad videos you have the choice between different formats. Indeed, you have the freedom to run short videos as well as long videos (more than 30 seconds). In term of messaging you could decide to show customers testimonials, branding messages or a video representing your product in action. In addition, TrueView ads are opt-in, which means that you aren’t restricted by time limits. Therefore, you can take the time to tell your story if you know your message will be compelling for your audience.

Earned conversions are ‘free’

The user doesn’t need to watch the entire video or click on an ad to convert. How does that work?  If you make a strong first impression with your ad your message will stay in the mind of your viewers whether they continue to watch your ad or not. This might result in the user coming back in the following days to visit your website and then converting. This conversion isn’t charge as the user stopped watching before the 30 seconds but convert later. Thus, it is ‘free’ marketing.

Measure your success.

With Google Ads you can track views, budget and cost. You can also find out about your viewers and tell which video attracts the most views and for how long. Its also gives you the ability to compare your ads and find out what part of the ad see a loss of viewer interest

Our YouTube TrueView Advertising service

With YouTube Ads they are two principal advert format available and here at Summon we can help you with that:

 TrueView in stream ads

  • Videos play before, during or at the end of a YouTube video
  • Possibility for user to skip ad after five seconds
  • Ads can appear on watch YouTube and on video on partner site
  • You are charged when the user watches more than 30 seconds or watches the whole video (charge on a cost per view basis)
  • Viewer can click on the link to your website at no extra cost
  • The average cost per view can vary from 3p to 10p

This format allows specific campaign goal such as website traffic, product and brands consideration.

TrueView In-Display or TrueView video discovery Ad  

  • Ads can appear in search results, next to a YouTube video or even on YouTube mobile home page.
  • You are charged on a cost per view basis.
  • The charge occurs when the advert is clicked to watch.
  • You will not face additional charge for a click through to the website.
  • Average cost per view varies from 10p to 30p.

With this format you can reach campaign goals like brand and product consideration.

In-Search Video Ads

  • Appear above or to the right of regular YouTube search results
  • They are like text ad in Google Search as they also require advertisers bidding on keywords

This format might benefit to advertisers who’s product, service or consumer cannot easily by identified on Google search but can be identified through the searches they make on YouTube.

At summon we will help you find out and decide which formats best fit your brand goals.

Our process

At Summon our process is not predefined indeed we will discuss with you and try to find what you are looking to achieve.

We will make sure you YouTube TrueView advertising campaign is optimise and will increase not only your Brand awareness as well as your ROI (Return on investment).

We will make sure you can track your performances and success by continuously sending you report that will highlight the weaknesses and the strengths of your campaign.

Why work with us?

Why choosing Summon for your YouTube TrueView advertising campaign?

At Summon we have strong experience with YouTube Ads. In previous jobs we have worked on the first ever 1 million paid views campaign for Durex ever run in the UK. We also worked on the Superdrug skippable ad which playfully encouraged viewers to skip, widely recognised as being  groundbreaking for the medium at the time

Find out how we can help you explore new possibilities for your brand.

Reason customer comes to Summon for YouTube Ads:  

  • Strong Experience
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Advice on ad formats
  • Help with Content/Messaging

Contact us to see how we can help you or call 0203 918 6091