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What is Retargeting?

Is the number of visits to your website higher than the number of conversions? That’s a silly question, of course it is! Ever wondered how to encourage non-converters to come back to your site and complete an action? There are ways you can display ads to previous site visitors to persuade them to return and convert. This is called retargeting

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that ensures you squeeze as much value from every visit as possible. It allows you to reconnect with the people who leave your website without competing the desired action.

What differentiates standard search advertising and retargeting? The key aspect is that you are able to target users based on interaction with your brand website. This is much more powerful than targeting simply through the relevance of a keyword searched.

We use retargeting across Search, Display and Facebook to ensure that your site visitors are not lost to competitors.

The benefits of retargeting

Remarketing is a strategic element of your advertising campaign as it helps you raise brand awareness and drive sales activities. Some of the key benefits are:

Increased Conversion Rate and ROI

With retargeting you can reach people who have once interacted with your business. This means that they are more likely to complete valuable actions on your website. Because of this, when targeting this audience, you have a much greater chance of turning them into new customers, clients, donors or volunteers.

Extensive Reach

GDN Display retargeting is delivered through Google AdSense. This means you can access a huge inventory of websites and mobile apps. Also, Facebook Web Custom Audiences allows you to appear on the Facebook app and website. As a result, you have lots of opportunities to maintain your brand visibility to your past visitors as they browse other websites and apps.

Gain Brand Exposure

It is difficult to build a brand solely through organic search listings or small text ads as they have a limited amount of character space and do not allow you to use logos and other visual elements. However, retargeting ads enable you to display all those elements that are essential for brand building. Also, with retargeting, you’re able to present your brand to users while they are browsing other parts of the web. Doing this helps you raise more trust through being more visible to your target audience.

Advertising Focused Lists

Another benefit of retargeting is the fact that it enables you to create retargeting lists for specific behaviours identified on site. Your visitors exhibit different preferences, so some are interested in particular products or ranges of products. Some have put products in their basket and not completed the purchase. Visitors spend a longer time on individual pages than others. By creating focused retargeting lists, we can deliver tailored messages to these consumers, increasing ad relevancy and increasing the chances of them converting

Relevant Ads  

With retargeting you can personalise ads to suit the needs and preferences of specific customers by segmenting your lists based on behaviours.

For example; say you are a tour operator selling sun and ski holidays, there would be no point in showing action on the slopes to someone who has just been researching a relaxing beach holiday, so we use these lists to deliver the right ads to the right people.

We can set up dynamic ads which adapt content for each visitor based on the product pages they had viewed on your site

‘Free’ Impressions

Retargeting across GDN and display often comes at a lower click cost. In fact, users click on display ads at a much lower rate, while the impressions have a much higher impact. So, you get lots of exposure for your brand, often delivering millions of impressions with a relatively low click cost.

Tailored Ad Positions

Retargeting lists for search ads allows us to apply different bids for past visitors. If a previous site visitor is searching again on Google, why not increase the bid to get a higher ad position? As they have previously visited the chances are they are more valuable to you than those not on that list, so a higher bid will help you gain a more prominent ad position increasing your chances of getting those valuable users back to your site making your PPC campaigns more efficient.

Our Retargeting Service

There are options across multiple platforms which help you ensure that wherever a customer goes after a site visit, you can reach them with engaging ads which will encourage them to complete the desired action on your site.


Retargeting Options:

  • GDN Remarketing:
    • Remarketing through AdWords and AdSense
  • Facebook Web Custom Audiences:
    • With this option, you can advertise to previous visitors through Facebook. It gives you the opportunity to place messages in a potential customers’ Facebook newsfeed.
  • Programmatic Retargeting: Across the display networks
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads:
    • This feature allows you to target and customise search ads for past visitors when they search on Google or Google’s Search partner sites. As a result, you can show ads in more prominent positions to those on your lists through bid modifiers.
  • Video retargeting:
    • This option allows you to show ads to people who’ve interacted with your YouTube channel.
  • Mobile Apps Remarketing:
    • This type of retargeting allows you to show your ad to people who once used your mobile app or mobile website while they are on others mobile site or even using others mobile app.
  • Customer Match Remarketing:
    • This type of targeting is also called email list retargeting. The concept is simple: Your customers gave you their email address which you can then upload them on AdWords. This will provide you with the opportunity to serve ads to them when signed in to Gmail, Google search, or YouTube.

As an agency we are aware that retargeting can sometimes be intrusive or overdone, for this reason, we set frequency caps as no one wants to feel like they are being followed around the internet by your brand!

Our process

Now that You know a bit more about remarketing, you must be wondering how Summon Digital can help you with your retargeting strategy? This is how:

At Summon we tailor our approach to your brand your specific goals. To do that we invest time getting to know your brand and your goals, as it’s this information which informs excellent digital execution.

We understand the value of clear communication and fully transparent reporting. We provide this information to help you see the performance you are driving through your retargeting activity.

Why work with us?

We have been helping brands with their retargeting campaigns since Google added the feature which has allowed us to gain substantial experience. As a result, we are sure that our team of experts can achieve results by integrating remarketing into your overall digital strategy.

Reason customers come to Summon for retargeting

  • Granularity of targeting
  • Multi-Platform Approach
  • Assistance with Creative

Contact us to see how we can help you or call 02087983804