July 12, 2018

Google Charity Ads

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Google Charity Grants / Google Ad Grants For Non-Profits

Are you a non-profit organisation or a Charity? If the answer is yes, then Google Charity Grants can be the right program for you.

What is a Google Charity Grant for Non-Profits?

The Google Ad Grant is a scheme that Google offers to non-profit organisations and charities. It allows you to advertise on Google Ads at no click cost. Indeed, instead of paying each month, Google will give you $10,000 per month to spend on AdWords (a daily budget set to USD 329). Although the grant is in US Dollars, it is available to use on Google Ads in the UK.

The Benefits of Google Charity Grants for Non-Profits

Google Charity grants are one of the lesser-known benefits that Google offer charities. Charities can use this scheme for different objectives, below we list some of the main advantages of the programme:

Increased visibility

With Google Charity Grants your organisation’s cause can be exposed to thousands of potential donors or volunteers every day. And the cost for all this valuable exposure? Google covers all click costs with the grant, so the media spend is free!

Reach the right audience  

Google Ad Grants will allow your ad to be seen by people who are searching for charities like yours, as well as those who aren’t aware of your cause but may be searching around some of the key themes and issues your charity focusses on. Ad Grants help you spread your message either throughout the country or even only focus on people near you locally. You are free to use in a way which best suits your goals.

For most non-profit organisations, the benefits of the grant are that you get 350 or more daily visitors to your site, targeted by their search activity as being exactly who the charity is looking to attract: job applicants, potential beneficiaries, campaigners, donors or even people looking for a charity to support by doing a physical challenge. The possibilities are vast, and the key is to remember that these valuable people are using Google to search for information, so why miss out on getting your charities message out there?

Drive contribution

With Google ad Grant it is easier for people to donate. The easier this process is, the more chance you will get to receive donations.

Our Charity Grants service

Do you meet all the requirements for a Google Charity Grant?  

To be qualified for the Google Charity Grant service you need to:

  • Have a valid and a current charity status
  • Recognise and agree to Google’s required certifications regarding donation receipt and use as well as non-discrimination.
  • Have a live website with considerable content

We will help you to identify whether you qualify for Google Charity Grant.

Applying and setting up your account

Summon Digital have successfully applied for Google Charity Grants on behalf of numerous organisations. We have also helped to manage most of those charities’ Ad Grant spends.

Here at Summon we will manage the entire process on your behalf, from grant application to building the account and campaigns. To do this, we charge you for our time to cover the ongoing management of your activity; this is at a discounted rate as we want to help charities maximise their exposure online.

Optimisation Tasks

  • Organise your account

Structuring your account into campaigns or ad groups effectively will generate brand/cause awareness and donations.

  • Conversion and monitoring

We will help you monitor the impact of the traffic that your ads drive, by linking your Google Analytics account with your Google AdWords account.

  • Insight from the traffic

With 350 plus visitors to your site, we can help you test messaging, test pages and calls to action. This insight can inform offline approaches as you in effect have a live focus group you can test with

Our Process

You know more about Summon and what we do, the question is how would that apply to your organisation?

Our process will be to focus on you and your cause. By understanding your organisation and your goal, we will be able to create a picture of you as well as your target audience.

At Summon Digital we ’ll not only go behind the scenes and make the technical and on-page adjustments that will create the perfect underpinnings but also throughout the process you will receive fully customised reports that display the critical metrics concerning the goals and indicators that we’d established together.

New Changes for Charity Grants

Since January 2018 Google made some significant changes to Google Grants:

  • Ad Grants must have a specific location targeting which means that your ad will only serve to searchers in locations that are relevant to you
  • All campaigns feature at least 2 ad groups which must contain relative keywords and at least 2 active ads
  • No More $2 Bid Cap
  • Your account must feature multiple sitelinks and ad extensions across all campaigns to ensure that your visitor’s searches get directed to the most relevant pages on your site
  • The click-through rate must stay above 5%. If your account fails to achieve this rate for 2 consecutive months Google will cancel your account
  • You have to log into your account at least once a month
  • A change to the account has to happen at least every 90 days

At Summon, our experienced PPC team will make sure your charity doesn’t break the new guidelines and avoid the suspension of your account

Why work with us?

We have substantial experience with charities to help them get the most out of their Google Grant account. Proper management of grants has come into sharp focus following the changes to Google’s rules for these accounts. The good news is we have lots of experience in this area and are more than happy to help.

We’ll take the time to really understand what success looks like for your charity and we’ll put the hard work in to ensure we deliver that for you through your Google Charity Grant.

Reasons non-profit organisations and charities come to Summon Digital for Google Charity Grants:

  • Over 10 Years’ Experience
  • Discounted Rates for Charities
  • Effective Communication & Reporting
  • Insight & Analysis to inform Messaging and Communication