September 25, 2018

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising Agency London

LinkedIn isn’t your typical social network – but for business owners and professionals, it’s one of the most used in the world.

LinkedIn’s power is reflected in its pricing; if you approach the platform with a ‘lets give it a try’ attitude, you could watch your online marketing budget disappear fairly quickly. This is why it’s vital to have a team onboard who are experts in LinkedIn marketing.

While LinkedIn is reasonable straightforward as a user – there’s a wealth of functionality behind the scenes that make it trickier to master as a business looking to expand marketing options. Unfortunately, LinkedIn tends to produce only minimal results unless you’re willing to explore paid strategies.

  • How do LinkedIn’s PPC campaigns work?
  • How can I be certain people in the right industry see our posts?
  • What kind of ROI should I expect to see?

At Summon, we’ve helped people drive their business to incredible new heights on LinkedIn. When you work with us, you remove expensive guess-work and make the world’s strongest B2B network deliver for you.

Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

  • The right kind of exposure

If you’d like your brand, products or services to be in front of professionals, LinkedIn is going to be your platform of choice. With 250 million monthly users, it’s the single biggest professional network in the world.

  • Business to business

If you’re a B2B company, it makes sense to target business users. The numbers do the talking as far as the platform is concerned – 83% of social media business leads come from LinkedIn – compared to just 7% from Facebook. While there’s a place for both in your social media arsenal, a LinkedIn paid campaign is likely to deliver exceptional results.

  • How do you want to engage?

There’s single most effective way to engage on LinkedIn – depending on your brand, you can connect with potential customers through messages, with clicks taking them to your site – with blog comments – and more. Connect with leads on their basis for maximum impact.

  • Establish your brand

Marketing studies suggest that LinkedIn represents the very best way to present your brand as an authority in your industry – so if you’re looking to grow your reputation and establish yourself as the go-to company, a paid campaign on the platform is a must.

Our LinkedIn advertising services

LinkedIn’s business marketing interface is notoriously complex – and, if you’re not 100% familiar with the platform, costly mistakes are possible. At Summon, making LinkedIn work for businesses is part of our daily job – so having us onboard to drive results will save you an incredible amount of learning and time-consuming hard work.

Campaign Design: Unlike many social platforms, LinkedIn offers a massive range of different ways to connect to your audience. Will messaging deliver the results you want? Would an informative article provide shareable value? Do sponsored posts fit your business model? We’ll create a campaign that ticks every box.

Audience creation: Whether you’re looking to build a brand-new audience – or hoping to import your data to create a custom audience, we’ll help to make sure your campaign reaches precisely the type of people who are most likely to convert.

Monitoring: LinkedIn marketing can be costly – so it’s important you get the absolutely best value from your spend. We’ll make sure our trained eyes are on your campaign 24/7 – making sure you get the very best ROI.

Split testing: Would this campaign be better driven through messages? Is the particular shared article title drawing the right number of clicks? Would your post work better with a different image? With our split testing methods, you can be sure that your campaign is operating at its optimum level – at all times.

Our process

LinkedIn is unlike most other social media platforms – working primarily to connect people on a business to business basis. This isn’t always right for our clients – so our first step is to sit down together and discuss your marketing goals – before deciding together whether LinkedIn will deliver the results you’re hoping for.

When we understand your product, company and goals, we’ll look at the audience you’re hoping to reach. LinkedIn has a variety of powerful targeting tools – along with a number of marketing approaches that work for different types of audience. We’ll use our deep understanding of LinkedIn to help you decide which will be the most effective approach for you.

After we’ve decided on an audience profile and the correct approach, we’ll help you sculpt a campaign that combines the appropriate reflecting of your brand – while at the same time inspiring the desired course of action from your audience.

Of course – implementation of your campaign is only the beginning – from the first day and throughout your campaign, we’ll monitor and assess effectiveness against your spend, making adjustments that mean you maximise your ROI.

Why work with us?

We know what’s needed to make LinkedIn advertising work – whatever your goal. There’s no simple route to success on the platform, just a deep understanding of how to create compelling posts, messages and articles – and which people to put them in front of.

We stay on top of every change that LinkedIn rolls out. Any single variable can impact the performance of your advertising on the service – so we’re always ahead of change, planning exactly how to work innovations to your advantage.

The whole team at Summon have a plain-English approach to social media marketing. We’ll create solutions that make sense to you – and we’ll communicate the results of those solutions in clear terms that line up alongside the goal we acknowledged at the start of the process. We make LinkedIn marketing simple – and very effective.