December 18, 2016

Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement | Journey Analysis

There is now a greater need for smart audience measurement in order to fully understand your customer’s journey towards conversion. More and more businesses are realising that the last click model is too simplistic. The main reason for this is that we ¬†have moved into a multi device, multiple touchpoint world which the last click model doesn’t cater for adequately as it gives credit to only the last click before the sale. We use DoubleClick Campaign manager to build your single customer view across all touchpoints and devices. This provides insight which leads to smarter media decisions.

Reasons customers come to Summon Digital for Audience Measurement:

  • You want to understand customer journeys to identify key paths
  • Currently active across various digital channels and want to understand what is working
  • Aiming to quantify the importance of mobile’s influence on desktop purchases

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