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Each year we ask for feedback from our clients to ensure we are on the right track. 2017 was a strong year for us and our clients. We showed excellent performance within our three key pillars.............. RESULTS, INNOVATION and COMMUNICATION........................................................ RESULTS: For one client we've improved revenue by 30% year on year, all achieved whilst reducing the necessary investment levels by 6%. INNOVATION: One of 2017's biggest successes was building our own in house SEO tool which allows us to benchmark against competitors, clients love it!

  • Summon either meet or exceed your targets

  • Summon use new ideas and aproaches to improve your results

  • Summon keep us up to date with regular communicaion

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"Our success has been built on simple principles. We apply smart thinking and hard work to your account and take pride in what we do. What defines Summon is our honest, straight talking approach that delivers results. No "low hanging fruits" and other meaningless marketing speak.......our clients love our clear & well thought out strategies that make sense for their business" Paul Henderson, Managing Director @SummonDigital, a Google Partner & RAR Recommended Agency

Paul Henderson

Managing Director


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