December 15, 2016


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We are a London paid search (PPC) agency, founded in 2015. A fully qualified Google Partner PPC & SEO agency. We have strong experience in running paid search campaigns since its inception.

Whether you are new to Pay Per Click, or you are currently running activity in house or with another agency, we are sure you can improve your activity with our help. We use our own 65 point checklist to analyse your activity and identify the key areas for improvement. As a result we can show you how we can drive better results for your business.

Reasons you should use Summon Digital to manage your PPC activity:

  • New to Paid Search, new site which needs traffic
  • Using an in house team but looking to improve results
  • With another agency but not happy

Whether it’s setting up new account from scratch or improving existing campaigns, we have strong experience in getting your accounts in the right shape. We see account creation as a science and we take pride in producing great campaigns. Because of this emphasis on strong account building, we give our clients best opportunity to perform. That said, we also recognise that existing campaigns have gathered historic performance, because of this we are sensitive in making the incremental changes that deliver for you without losing the positive aspects of your current account.

Of course paid search is not simply limited to Google, we regularly create campaigns across Bing/Yahoo! and YouTube. We work with you to create campaigns across the platforms that will reach the right customers in the format that will be the most engaging and is the best for your brand.

Despite our size as a relatively new agency, we have strong commercial deals in place which means we can provide the latest technology at a competitive price. This means we can deliver a high quality, specialist and ‘hands on’ service which the large agencies often don’t deliver. This is achieved without missing out on the best and latest technology so you can get the best of both worlds.

Here are the main reasons why we think you should use us for PPC:

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